I have always liked calmness and peace.


I have loved nature for as long as I can remember and I love animals, that is why, since I was a child, I asked myself why we should annihilate or always defeat our enemies.


What if those basic henchmen we overcame would have simply been puppets in the hands of a tyrant? Perhaps they would never have been victims if we had not intervend in their world.


That's why I always got the worst scores. I avoided killing the goomba, or breaking the necks of Snake's enemies. I looked for alternative routes, more peaceful than usual, and tried to finish my missions with the fewest casualties possible.


I missed a little more peace, or at least some kind of reward for having wanted to do things "the right way", although I understood that not everyone is just as peaceful.


And that is why I wanted to offer you the opportunity to decide what to do with our enemies, and our actions will have consequences on the outcome of the journey.


We will also have to solve complicated puzzles that will challenge our minds and we will be dragged to explore beautiful landscapes that will reward us every few steps with items and collectibles.