We are proud to say that Arok & The chaos outbreak has ben liked a lot among those who visited our indie stand at the Barcelona Games world.
And as proof of this, we refer to the amount of media that have highlighted and praised the originality and beauty of our video game.
Thanks to all the specialized videogame press for having showcased our efforts with their professionalism and good work.
It's always nice to talk and discuss with such nice people.





Hobby consolas

 We appear in Hobby Consolas!

We are very excited to announce that Arok & The chaos oubreak has appeared in one of the magazines that we have been reading since we were kids.
You can read our opinion about the article in the section "Your opinion of number 328 of the magazine"
Many thanks to all the Hobby Consolas team for this opportunity to showcase our game!






 SunForge Interactive, will be on 9th, 10th and 11th November, at the first videogame fair of Reus, called Mr. Game.

Come and meet us! We'll be showcasing our video game: Arok & The chaos oubreak.
We will have a playable version of it and we will be ready to answer any questions that you might have.
Remember 9th, 10th and 11th November, in Reus! We are eager to meet you.






Come to the Indie Dev Day to meet us, this next saturday, October 27th, in the Barcelona dog track.
This will be our first video game fair as an indie studio, and to celebrate it, you can try our video game Arok & The chaos oubreak all day long.
We will highly appreciate any feedback we receive, to improve the game's experience even more.


Social media



 We just relased our Facebook acount of and our Instagram!





With this step we increase our presence in the network, and in this way we hope to satisfy the curiosity of all those who have any question about Arok & The chaos outbreaks




You will find links to our networks at the bottom of the page. Stay tunned, because they will continue to grow.


Game BCN Awards


I am happy to announce that our video game Arok & The chaos outbreaks is advanced enough to participate in the BCN Game Awards, a decision that we have taken with 100% enthusiasm.


We are aware of the great competitiveness that we are going to face, but we also know that those who do not try it, do not achieve it.


So... Let's go for it!


Wish us luck!



Barcelona Games World

First of all, I would like to say that it has been a great and quite a busy trip that has taken us to the Barcelona Games World, one of the most important videogame events in Barcelona.




And it is an honor to be able to say it!




After 18 months of hard work, finally our project is in a production stage mature enough to share it with the people who participate in the BGW.


We will wait for you there, where we will answer all your questions, and we encourage you to try our video game. We may even be able to offer an RV viewing using Oculus Rift. We are in love with it! We are sure that the experience will leave you with a wide smile.